Teaching Nihongo

All levels—beginner to highly advanced

Beyond textbook learning—natural, how native speakers talk

Emphasis on cultural and historical learning

Learn to think like a Japanese



“Jun’s lessons are always very insightful; you learn more than just the Japanese language. He is meticulous in teaching both the basics and the colloquial, with emphases on helping students to actually speak the language in cultural context. But Jun still manages to make his classes fun, taking time to get to know the student and his/her goals.” —C.C

“Jun’s approach to teaching Japanese is much deeper than simple syntax and vocabulary. He stresses that I can’t “think English” and translate word for word or anything close to it. I have to “think Japanese.” Our lessons are laced with historical background, and how the layers of the Japanese language parallel Japanese history, and the Japanese people’s approach to absorbing each era into its culture and language.

After a year of his instruction, I’ve started to understand just how important this approach is, because nuance is in entirely unexpected places. Since I’m planning on using my new Japanese knowledge in a business setting, it’s important to gain some appreciation for why business communications between Japanese businessmen and Americans is famously fraught with confusion on both sides; just knowing the words is nowhere near good enough.”  —B.Z.

“What started as a whimsical curiosity, had fully developed into a strong passion and life long friendship! I had sought Jun out for some very simple beginner Japanese lessons. However, his kindness, dedication, passion, friendliness and magnificent teaching kept me learning Japanese for 2 years! I had 1:1 lessons with Jun twice a week and would still be meeting with him if I hadn’t changed jobs and moved away.

Jun is very patient and does an extremely great job at ensuring he approaches each student with the learning method that works best for them. Additionally, it keeps the student engaged at all times. Learning with Jun is like coffee with a best friend… Only better! You get to walk away knowing Japanese!!!

While language learning speeds are entirely up to the person learning, they can be greatly multiplied with a wonderful teacher! If you would like to learn Japanese with affordability, flexibility, fun and gain a life long friend and mentor… I absolutely would have to recommend Jun Akutsu!” —C.H.